As the producer and composer on the project, I’m proud to announce that "Madison Guerilla" has been selected for the BIG APPLE FESTIVAL!

morgane rondot ny madison guerilla big apple festival

‘’Madison Guerilla’’ is done! I started working on this short film, that was written and directed by Lou Daumas, almost a year ago as producer and composer. We are now ready to send it to some film festivals!

morgane rondot new york madison guerilla

Finally ! I’m proud to announce that we have finished shooting "Old Mama"! I’m about to release my first song and music video on October 11th. I hope you'll like it! it’s fun and the music is perfect for workouts / aerobics sessions or parties. Have fun watching it! The song will be available on all streaming platforms. Can’t wait to share it!

morgane rondot old mama ny

‘’Old Mama’’ is out! I’m really proud to release my first song and music video. Thank you very much for your support. Enjoy!

First time working with a RED as an AC while shooting the music video ‘’Good Guys’’ by Casper Jones. Alice Boucherie worked as a director and director of photography on it! Can’t wait to see it!

morgane rondot good guy ny